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A collection of specially commissioned images, artist and gallery profiles, written by award-winning writers Carmen Jenner and Gabi Mills, published in association with Margaret River Region Open Studios (MRROS).

This IPPY gold medal winning book is available from bookshops in the Perth metro area and Margaret River, or email to order your copy now.

Western Australia’s Margaret River Region is an area famously blessed – rich in wine, photogenic landscapes at every turn, and human creativity in spades. To celebrate the artists who have made the region so well-regarded, M&P Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Artists of the Margaret River Region this spring.

Over eighty artists in the Margaret River Region are featured in this beautifully designed book, which is published in association with Margaret River Open Studios (MRROS), with specially commissioned portraits and photographs of their work by leading local photographers (Elements of Margaret River and Crib Creative).

With profiles written by award-winning writers Carmen Jenner and Gabi Mills, Artists of the Margaret River Region is a legacy publication designed to capture the incredible artistry that finds expression in a wide variety of mediums, thanks to the artists who live and work in the region. Featuring a diverse collection of artists including Leon Pericles, Fi Wilkie, Voytek Kozlowski and Christian Fletcher as well as emerging talents such as Alice Linford Forte and Rubi Hatton, the book reflects the deep connection the Margaret River region has with those who create within its borders. A collector’s item, Artists of the Margaret River Region is a beautiful visual record of those who have been inspired by the region.

Inspired by Margaret River Region Open Studios, the book is intended to showcase the work of the many artists who have participated in this unique public art movement. MRROS has grown to become the biggest art event of its kind in Australia since its launch three years ago. From Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin in WA’s south west, visitors are able to explore in an unprecedented way the art studios of over 100 established and emerging artists for up to 16 days every autumn (April 22 until May 7 in 2017), watching them create at the easel, drawing board or workshop. It’s an innovative approach – and a hugely successful one at that - bringing art to the general public in a wholly new way in Australia. The photographic approach taken in the book reflects the ‘behind the scenes’ ethos of MRROS and the insightful profiles of each artist and, in part two, galleries, reveals fascinating details about what makes the creative process of the south west’s most important artists so linked to the land they call home.

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