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Custom Magazines

slovakia free dating site Research shows that, on average, people who receive custom magazines spend approximately 40 minutes reading each issue. Which is really quite a lot, considering just how busy we all are. That’s 40 minutes you have at your fingertips to engage with, reward, inform and generally relate with your target audience.

see In creating a custom publication for your company, here at Premium Publishers we will look after the whole process. From concept and creative development of the publication, to the content – editorial and photographic, advertising, design, printing and distribution, as well as social media and web management, if that’s what you’re after. We are committed to providing unique, engaging and inspiring magazines which work to assist brands in expanding that all-important customer journey with tailor-made and content strategy.

binäre optionen geld verlieren Contact us to find out more about how a custom magazine could work for your brand.

watch * Statistics from McNair Ingenuity Research Pty in association with Publishers Australia, research into custom publishing, 2011.

Copywriting Be it content for your website, marketing material, brochure, media kit, or book, having the right words spun in the right way is exactly what reminds your customers/readers/members of why they were interested in you in the first place, and why they should keep coming back.

trading online budget ridotto Our team of experienced writers will work with you to tell your story in the most engaging and inspiring way possible. And then it’s over to our photographic and design team to work their magic and make sure it looks the part.

binära optioner bitcoin Take a look at our portfolio page for more information. Contact us to discuss how our copywriting services could work for you.


magnolia arkansas dating Your publication's design will tie in with your brand's existing style, philosophy and message.


see While words communicate your brand through language, graphic design creates its visually, making your brand instantly recognisable and memorable to all who see it.

Our dedicated design team works alongside our dditorial team to develop ad hoc creative design concepts for each individual client and publication.

Whether its a magazine, book, catalogue, brochure, media kit, or complete graphic design range – your publication design will tie in with your brand’s existing style, philosophy and message, and help continue brand awareness with your customer base.


Whether it be a re-brand or the genesis of a new business, our Design Team will work with you to develop the full 360 vision of your business’ branding including:

  • Logo design
  • Stationery
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Posters


There is still nothing like a magazine to engage with a reader*.

Web Design

For clients who wish to engage readers online via a bespoke website design, we offer both website design and social media management services, in line with the content strategy laid out for the custom publication. We work closely with you to create an engaging ‘shop window’ online for your brand, which can offer extra, unique content, including video and audio clips in addition to the print offering we create for you.

Social Media

We work in tandem with a talented team of social media experts – Absolute Edge Media – who help us build audiences, engagement and reach via all the social media channels currently operating.

Talk to us today about how we can maximise the power of this brave new marketing opportunity; we’ll be able to build the conversation beyond the pages of your magazine onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


There is still nothing like a magazine to engage with a reader*.


Do you need help with your words? Having trouble getting your message across? Or would you love to hand your copywriting over to a professional so you can focus on running your business?

We can help, whether it’s content for your website, marketing material, brochures, media kits or press releases. As professionals, spinning the right words in the right way is exactly what reminds your customers, readers and members why they were interested in you in the first place, and why they should remain loyal.

As one of Perth’s leading boutique publishing houses, Premium Publishers has the experience and resources readily available to provide editorial coverage across our custom magazines. There is no better exposure than a subjective article written by an independent source about you and/or your business.

Perhaps you’d like to take it to the next level and work with us to create a book showcasing your brand to your valued and potential clients? After all, books are forever and what better way to keep your audience eternally engaged.

Our team of experienced writers are ready to work with you to tell your story in the most engaging and inspiring of ways. Then, it’s over to our production team to weave their design and photography magic ensuring you look the part.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your copywriting needs with us